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TC ing s.r.o. (Ltd) is an engineering company providing a wide range of professional management services including project consultancy and project management.

We are professionals with many years of experience in preparation and management of industrial, commercial housing, environmental and energy projects.

We offer assistance with the initiation and implementation of our Clients´ projects and associated services in the form of consultancy and advisory services as well as securing other services such as obtaining various integrated permits (EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment, Zoning Decision, Building Permits), construction project management, price and value management, value and claim management, technical supervision of investors, health and safety etc. The scope of our services also includes development services such as locating suitable construction sites or due diligence of construction investments projects.

Our services and assistance are always tailor-made ensuring we provide personal approach to any investment scheme or project. Our goal is to provide our Clients with the best solution along with the highest quality possible.


  • Preparation and implementation of investment projects

    • Definition of roles and responsibilities of participants for individual phases of investment projects
    • Location assessment for construction and sale purposes
    • Project structure suggestions (housing/development)
    • Management and coordination of roles and responsibilities of all contractors
    • Supervision over effectiveness of an investment project
    • Quick and cost-effective implementation of changes required by the Client
    • Representation of the Client at all stages in dealing with other project participants
    • Promoting of the Client´s priorities

    Cost management and financing

    • Preparation of a feasibility study and assessment of a feasibility of investment intention project
    • Preparation and update of a budget
    • Assistance in forming optimal project solutions
    • Organization and assessment of tenders for partial or complete construction deliveries
    • Identification of budget risk items and cost optimization
    • Supervision over efficient finance spending

    Technical supervision – quality management of construction projects

    • Preparation of a feasibility study and assessment of a feasibility of investment intention project
    • Consultancy in respect to contracts
    • Assistance with setting of technical parameters of a project
    • Systematic and independent supervision over participating contractors/parties
    • Detailed technical assessment of a project documentation
    • Technical supervision during implementation of the investment project
    • Preparation of a detailed schedule of the investment project
    • Checking of fulfilment of deadlines and utilization of the needed capacities
    • Securing solutions under changing conditions
    • Monthly report processing about the project´s status
    • Ensuring fulfillment of all contractual obligations
    • Management of the project
    • Mediation between the Client and the tenant
    • Complex fit-out management
    • Coordination in respect to project handover and project acceptance
    • Supervision over warranty claims

Our Clients

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TC ing s.r.o.

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 e-mail: info@tcing.cz

Executive Officer

Ing. Tomáš Cedzo
tel.: +420 739 248 699  e-mail: cedzo@tcing.cz

Company Headquarters:

Kubánské nám. 1391/11
100 00 Praha 10 - Vršovice